June – Week 3

At the start of this week I purchased a cook book titled “Vegan – 6 ingredients or less”.

I was attracted to the book for three reasons, one obviously is that its plant based, the second is that each recipe uses 6 main ingredients or less (sounds easy) and the third and final selling point was it was only $10!

Since making the spontaneous purchase, I can’t help but think how serendipitous it actually was. I’ve been ruminating over how to build a go to plant based repertoire of recipes, now I know how! One thing I have been getting stuck on is what to make – which is also why my soup has been a go to staple meal…. so having this book handy with only 6 main ingredients for each recipe is encouraging.

Saturday prior to doing groceries, my partner picked up the book and said “if we want to utilize this book, let’s have a look through so we can grab some vegan staples today” again, this is me calling out his supportiveness!

Reviewing the staples outlined in the book, our pantry already contains 23 of the listed items below across all categories, which makes things much easier.

Dry GoodsFlours and Rising agents: Wholegrain flours, white flour and starches (including potato starch and cornflour), Almond flour, Chickpea flour, Coconut flour, Bicarbonate of soda, Baking powder.
Sweeteners: white and brown sugar, raw sugar
SeasoningsVeggie Bouillon powder or stock, salt and pepper, soy sauce, Miso, Tahini, Nutritional yeast
From the fridgeVegan Butter, Soy or nut milk/mylk, Vegan mayonnaise
Oil and VinegarOlive oil, Vegetable oil, coconut oil, white/red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar
Nuts and seedsCashew nuts, coconut milk (canned), flaxseed(linseed), chia seeds
Vegan staples as outlined in the book: Vegan 6 ingredients or less

Friday afternoon while upstairs working, I could hear my partner banging around experimenting in the kitchen, when suddenly he burst into the study dramatically exclaiming “We dont have any Vanilla essence!!” – I instantly perked up.. this meant DESSERT!

Turns out his experimenting was actually baking! He used the recipe for this amazing vegan CHOCOLATE AVOCADO CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE AVOCADO BUTTERCREAM FROSTING as inspiration and instead of vanilla, he improvised with juice from a navel orange and made the icing using orange juice, icing sugar and nuttlex (the recipe called for two avocados in total and we only had one, so the icing missed out). Let’s just rename it to: Vegan avocado and orange chocolate cake

It tasted as good as it looks!

Vegan avocado and orange chocolate cake

This week there have been 16 plant based meals out of 21. Three of those non plant based meals have been meatless and I categorised them as non plant based due to the use of egg. I think for week 3, I am tracking pretty well and feeling like at this stage, this could definitely be a sustainable life style change – which is the ultimate goal.

I am finding having prepared a 5 litre batch of vegetable soup for the week on a Sunday, makes life much easier. I think I have already mentioned in a previous post that I have been having soup for breakfast and lunch for longer than this plant based diet journey. I am finding that I have also been dipping in to the soup to add to plant based curry bases – easy and nutritious!

This week, I had used the soup to make a curry, of which there was a lot left over, because well… I am not a good judge of portions when cooking (I usually make enough for four people, even though there is only two of us). The following night, my partner expressed his kitchen creativity again, and used the left over curry to make omelettes. They were light, fluffy and full of flavour!

The only non plant based food included in the omelette dish were the eggs. Which is something I am going to really need to plan around when it comes to the reduction and then removal of. I know there are vegan alternatives, however I haven’t tried cooking with them yet. I am sure it will get documented in this blog when I get to that!

A delicious discovery this week happened by chance. I had finished my soup earlier than planned, so did not have anything pre-prepared for breakfast. So, I grabbed a Turkish roll, warmed it up in the microwave for 40 seconds, spread it with a generous dollop of hummus and added half an avocado… how have I never had this before? The citrus in the hummus perfectly balanced and cut through the fattiness of the avo. Delish! Now theres a new challenge to my cutting back on bread… Warm Turkish rolls ….

This week, I have identified that I need to work on being kinder to myself about food. Not because I eat too much, or not enough, but that I have been getting annoyed at myself for not reducing meat and eggs enough. This is why this blog is important to me, it is keeping me accountable to the plan, but it is also allowing me to reflect at the end of each week about what has happened, how I have felt, what has been challenging and what worked well. Reflecting on how I have felt this week (annoyed), has allowed me to actually stop for a second, pull back, breathe and let myself know this is ok.

It’s ok because, June (in the plan) is about removing 4 legged red meats, reducing two legs and still eating fish and eggs. It’s ok for me to still be eating egg and fish, for now.

I am looking forward to this coming week, as one of my closest friends has made a reservation for us, for a 10 course vegan degustation dinner at SHU Restaurant for my birthday. I look forward to experiencing the magic that Shu conjours and sharing how it went via this blog (and my insta). I have been following his instagram for over 2 years and this will be the first time I have been there.

Thanks for reading,


3 thoughts on “June – Week 3

  1. Enjoyed reading this, the cake sounds amazing! While I think that cutting down meat and animal based products without necessarily cutting them out can still be so beneficial toward the environment, and I am hoping to take some steps to reduce how much animal produce I consume.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The cake was delicious! Partner felt he could have made some changes, so I suggested he use it as practice for my birthday next week…

      Completely stopping animal products is not for everyone, but I agree reducing is beneficial too. Like I mentioned in my first blog post – I’m aiming to stop completely for health reasons, with the environment benefits being a bonus!

      Good luck with your journey!


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