The Plan

Why a blog?

At the start of June 2020 after much reflection on my health, I decided to and began, a transition to a plant based diet.

This blog has been created to document my journey, with the idea that this will help me review what is and isn’t working and help me to succeed. It will also act as a way to keep me accountable to both this journey and myself.

To make this lifestyle change realistic and sustainable, I sat down and wrote out a plan. I used the No Meat Athlete’s suggestion as a guide, slowly reducing meat by the amount of legs the animal has, i.e. removing 4 legged meat to start, then 2 legs, then fish etc.

The No Meat Athlete’s guide is set out across weeks, however, I set my plan out on a trello board (I organise my entire life with Trello), across 4 months. I thought this to be a reasonable amount of time to transition my diet, allowing me time to build routines and work up a repertoire of go to plant based meals.

Trello board: plan / months June and July

When considering this lifestyle change, I also needed to consider my partner, we both cook and we share our evening meals – fending for ourselves for breakfast and lunches. He has been very supportive regarding the changes as he understands my motivation is heart health based and aside from giving me side eye regarding nutritional yeast hasn’t complained yet!

The plan was pretty easy to set out and we got a head start right away, as we rarely if ever eat red meat or pork (4 legs) so straight up June was the easy month.

On the list for each respective month, I’ve set out sections on each weekly card, so that at the end of the week (Sunday nights) I write a review of the week just gone, specifically what did and did not work diet wise and moving forward any changes I feel/see with my body, these reviews will now become my blog posts here.

Month 1 – June 2020: Remove beef and pork (4-legged animals) reduce chicken and kangaroo (2 legged).

Month 2 – July 2020: Remove chicken and Kangaroo (2-legged animals) reduce fish/seafood (0-legged animals).

Month 3 – August 2020: Remove fish/seafood (0-legged animals) reduce remaining animal products (eggs as we are both lactose intolerant we already do not consumer dairy)

Month 4 – September 2020: Remove remaining animal products (eggs as we are both lactose intolerant we already do not consumer dairy) – I’ll confess with this one, I have no plans at this stage to give up honey, but we’ll see how it goes.

Trello board: months August and September – and social planning tips

One thing I have ensured to include on my Trello plan is a list of tips for social planning to avoid awkwardness; i.e. does the restaurant serve plant based meals that are just lettuce and tomato on a side plate and if not, how do I still go to that social event and not be starving.

You can follow my journey here: My Journey to a plant based diet

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